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German Shepherd Doberman Mix Puppies: Doberman Shepherd

by Evelyn Grimes
German Shepherd Doberman Mix Puppies

Since both Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherds are large, their crossbreed is also results in a large breed. The german shepherd doberman mix is one versatile breed and would sit well in your home as well as military, sighting, herding, guarding, and much more. This breed would be at your side for around ten to thirteen years. This is one of the rare large dog breeds as normal people just breed small to medium sized dogs. With the right owner, this is one awesome dog type, so let’s know more.


Though breeding two different kinds of dogs to get best qualities of both in one dog is not a new concept, it suddenly gained popularity in the nineties. The demand for such hybrid dogs (now called designer dogs) increased, and people started paying sky high price for them. This led to a lot of cute dogs being born, but sometimes the results were quite weird. When done by professional breeders, this process is quite safe. But under unprofessional hands, one might end up with the worse qualities of parent dogs. So, be very mindful of who get your dog from.


The Doberman Shepherd is a fun-loving, energetic, lively, confident, and a very bold dog.

  • His athleticism comes from his parents.
  • When in a home setting, he is a well mannered, loving, and sometimes goofy dog. When you decide to bring this breed in your home, you get loyalty.
  • He can also be quite protective of you and has a mind of his own.
  • If you are a first-time dog owner, it would be a good idea to get a professional to train him.
  • The training needs to be firm and consistent.

Even with all these independence, this breed does not like to be left alone, so it would be a good idea to ensure that he is not left alone for long hours during the day.


The Doberman German Shepherd mix is a large dog and can weigh anywhere from ninety to hundred and ten pounds. Your dog can grow up to twenty-six inches. The coat is short and silky. Your puppy can have brown, tan, or black color. Most dogs have standing ears, while others might have droopy ones.

Doberman Shepherd Pictures

Exercise Needs

The Doberman Shepherd puppy is extremely energetic. In order to remain on top of their health (and for the betterment of your home and belongings), you would need to give him lots of exercises. If you live in a small apartment, this dog would not be the best fit for you as he would need space to run around the house. A house with a decently sized yard would be ideal for him. You need to take him for at least two long walks and let him play around the yard in order to live a healthy life. If you have an active lifestyle, this is the dog that you need in your life. Figure out to include playtime and games that would mentally stimulate him, in order to keep it all interesting. Exercise is needed to ensure that he stays healthy, undestructive, and happy.

Training Requirement

The German Shepherd Doberman mix is a very bright dog and so is quite easy to train for people who are experienced with dogs. He is stubborn, so you need to show him who is a leader in order to ensure that he listens to you. Use positive affirmations and treats to make the training truly worthwhile. But one thing is for sure; this breed understands your words, so the time taken is less than training other breeds. Keep adding little playtime to keep him interested, and you are gold.


The Doberman Shepherd does not need much grooming. Since the coat is short, the shedding is not much. Just regular grooming would sort this issue, depending on his shedding it could be anywhere from once a day to every three days. This dog does not really like water, so in order to make bath time less stressful, it is a good idea to train him in puppyhood. You do not need to follow a schedule, just bathe him when he needs it. If it is still too stressful, use a professional. Unless you have done it before, get a groomer clip his nails and clean his ears. There is just one thing that you need to do daily, and that is to brush his teeth.

Meet the Dog of your dreams!

So, if you are looking for a dog who can love you, sit with you at the fireplace as well as accompany you to on your hiking and cycling trips this is a dog for you! The bonus of getting this dog is that you have an awesome caretaker and bodyguard, can you think of anything better? Absolutely not. Adopt your Doberman Shepherd Puppy today!


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